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Friday, June 23, 2006

An amazing week

With six months passing between entries prior to Tuesday's post about our 1 year anniversary, and only 3 days to this post, you can probably guess that something is happening at the Seltmann house. This has been an amazing week. With referral wait times lengthening, we have long believed we would get a referral around the end of July at the earliest. All rumors and trends pointed to this. That changed Monday morning, when for the first time, rumors of upcoming referrals included us. What happened the next few days sent us on an emotional roller coaster that we didn't expect at this point. By Monday night, additional rumors were starting to appear. Some of them agreed that we would get a referral soon, while others said it could still be months.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent with us constantly looking at the CCAA website for an update that referrals for June had finished and to see what days would be included. On Thursday morning at 2 am, Michael woke up and decided to check once again for any change. Finally, the website had updated. Not only was it updated, but it said that matches had been made for families with Log-in dates up to June 28, 2005. That was us, our LID was June 28. Could it be real! Was Piper's referral on its way to us! Finally, on Friday afternoon, we got confirmation from our agency. Indeed, referrals are on there way. This will be the last weekend we spend without knowing who Piper is.

What's next? Our agency estimates they will receive the referrals on Monday or Tuesday. We will then be contacted by our social worker to give us the news that we have been waiting so long for.

This blog is about to get much more active. There wasn't much to write while we waited, but now we will be making our final preparations to go to China. As we prepare to travel, we will keep everyone up to date with the latest news.

The next post will include what everyone has been looking for, more Piper information, and pictures.


At 8:50 PM, Blogger veggiegrrl said...

SOOOooooooo exciting!!! Hope the time flies by until you see Piper's face!

At 11:55 AM, Blogger Karen & Gary said...

Congratulations! Isn't this incredible?! Sounds like we had the same week as you did. I cannot wait to see your Piper's face - and our Piper's face!
Karen Szabo - the other Piper parents


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