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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Home a week

Sorry for the recent lack of updates. All I can say is that this jet lag thing is worse than I could have imagined. Piper has adjusted to the new time fairly well, and generally sleeping from about 8:00 pm to about 5:00 am. Mom and Dad on the other hand, set awake during the night, knowing that they should be sleeping.

First of all, thank you to everyone that welcomed us home at the airport. After 2 weeks away from home, and 30 hours of travelling it was wonderful to see everyone.

Piper is getting use to living in her new home. She was very overwhelmed at first with all sorts of new things to see and do, but is slowly taking it in. After a shopping trip to Wal-mart in China, she made or first trip to Target. Other than Target and a quick visit to the doctor for a check up, we have been pretty much staying close to home.

As with jet lag, when it comes to getting use to living at home, Piper is a few steps ahead of her parents. After 2 weeks of a breakfast buffet waiting for us each morning, guides to make sure we got to each scheduled appointment, and new friends to travel with, we had forgot how much work it was to take care of these things alone. Reality is hitting home, and we are slowly adjusting, but sure do miss that breakfast buffet and especially miss our friends that we travelled with.

Since being home, Piper has breifly met Nana and Papa (Michael's parents), Grandma and Grandpa (Vicki's parents), Aunt T, and a few other friends and family. As she continues to bond with us and get more use to her new surroundings, we are excited for others to meet her.


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