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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mid-January Update

It has been very busy around our house, and we didn't even realize it had been so long since our last update. A lot has happened since we last posted about Piper's birthday. It has now been five months since we met Piper in Nanchang. It is amazing to see how much she as changed since our last update, let alone in the months since we met her.

I realize it seems late to be talking about Christmas, but when you post as little as we do these days, that's what happens, Christmas posts in Mid-January. We had a great first Christmas together. Piper is incredible spoiled by grandparents, aunts and uncles. She enjoyed opening all of her presents, and was very impressed with boxes. On Christmas eve, Piper decided that crawling was boring, and instead of dropping to her knees to get to the other side of the room, she took her first steps. It was only about 5 steps, then she dropped to her knees again. Since then, each day has included less and less crawling, and more walking. Now, she only crawls if she falls while trying to walk too fast.

She continues to learn more signs, and say more words. It is amazing how fast she picks up information. She now picks up our cell phones, puts them to her ear, and will say "Mama" (if she is at work and Piper is home with daddy), or "Papa". She has decided that baby food is for babies, and she is too big for that stuff. On the other hand, she thinks that bottles are definitely still the best option for getting milk. Sippy cup on the other hand are good for only one thing, throwing. Since we haven't been able to move on to the sippy cup, we started using straws for water. She is getting very good with the straw, and asks for water all the time.

We are looking forward to all the adventures that 2007 has planned for us. We have already started plans for celebrating Chinese New Year and a trip to Branson to see the Acrobats of China. We can only imagine what else is in store for our year. We will do our best to keep you updated.


At 3:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fellow travelers,

I loved reading the update on Piper. It is amazing to hear about all the progress that Piper has made. She is still one of the sweetest babies I have met. Abbey loves to look at the photos and always giggles when she finds Piper.

Love to you all,
The Carmichael Clan


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