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Saturday, February 03, 2007

New Website

We have officially been added to the list of parents that think the internet can be a wonderful tool, but can also be used in terrible ways as well. I wouldn't call us "Paranoid", but rather use the word cautious to describe why we have created a new website for Piper. In addition, the new site will allow us to have journal, photos, and video all at the same site. We realize that we haven't been the best at updating the current site since we got home. (in fact, we're not sure is anyone is still looking at it) It is amazing how much time a 13 month old takes out of your schedule. We aren't promising daily, weekly, or even bi-weekly updates at the new site, but we will try to do better. The new site is password protected so we can better monitor who is looking at the site. We have sent an email to a group of people, but we know we have missed many that have used this site for updates on Piper. We apologize to those that have been overlooked, but with proud Grandparents and other family and friends that have passed the site on to others, we don't have everyone's address. If you did not received the email with the new site's information, please contact us so we can pass it on. You can leave comments here, email us, call us, or whatever works for you and we will be glad to pass the information on.

Thanks to everyone that has kept us in your thoughts and prayers thus far in our journey.

Michael, Vicki, and Piper


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